Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bob 'The Bob' with a 'Bob' Chauncey

Born: Philadelphia
Age: 65
Bike: Surly long haul trucker with bob
Riding style: Ride until distracted
Desert Island Disc: Be my Baby The Ronettes
Desert Island Food: Lobster, corn on the cob and Blueberry pie
Luxury Item: A log cabin lego set  or a double decker bob

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ron 'Rides till he drops' Wilson

Birthplace: Ohio
Bike: Surley Trucker.
Riding Style: No dawdling.
Desert Island Meal: Steak and Lobster if I cant get a Big Mac.
Desert Island Disc: Anything by Mozart or the Sex Pistols.
Luxury Item: A Batman

Friday, 20 September 2013

Kara 'She doesn't bake cup cakes' Hass

Born: Palo-Alto, California
Age: Under 40
Bike: Salsa  Vaya with a bob
Riding style: Still a mystery
Desert Island Meal: Sushi with fries
Desert Island Disc:  California Girls The Beach Boys
Luxury Item: My surfboard

Matt 'wrestles with bears' Nord

Born: Denver, Colorado
Age: 53
Bike: Salsa Fargo with Bob
Riding  Style: Make it to the end of the day unless I meet a bear to wrestle.
Desert Island Food: Raw steak
Desert Island disc:: John Denver Rocky Mountain High
Luxury Item: 12 inch pedal wrench to kill the bears

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Your sponsorship provided 28 Shelterboxes. Find out where they have been deployed.

Well the final total raised was an amazing £5788 and this excludes Gift Aid which takes the total amount to well over £7000.

This has helped towards providing 28 Shelterboxes and already 13 of these have been depolyed to help displaced people throughout the world.

Click on the following link to find out where all the boxes have been deployed.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Farewell North America

Well the day has finally come. This time tomorrow I will be back home in Harrogate working through the half a ton of mail that is apparently waiting for me, fighting the 8 hour jetlag. As I am sat in Starbucks at Vancouver Airport reflecting on  all the amazing people I have met,  tbings I have seen and new friendsbips that I have made over the past four months I know that I will just have to come back to North America again, maybe as part of a round the world cycling tour. . . who knows.

This has been an amazing experience. Challenging and difficult at times but personally very fulfilling. I do feel that I have achieved something to be proud of. The cycling never seemed to get easier. It was hills and headwinds all the way right down to the last half mile crossing the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Many people have asked me which was the best day. And my answer is there was no best day, there were too many to single out. Riding the Colonial Parkway out of Yorktown on the first day,the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, the Ozarks, crossing the Mississippi and riding the Levees, seeing the Rockies looming in the distance from Kansas, crossing the Hoosier, Mckenzie and Teton passes, Yellowstone Park, chocolate cream pie, the plains of Montana, first sight of the Pacific Ocean, the Redwoods in Oregon. Helping the relief efforts at Joplin, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.  The list is endless. I can count the bad days on one hand and they were usually cooking days :)

I've even enjoyed writing the blog despite the amount of Mcdonalds I have had to eat to get a decent wifi signal so I hope it entertained you all and didn't get too repetative towards the end when I started to flag a little. I guess when I get home I need to read it myself and correct all the typos :)

I'm quite flattered that it had over 15000 hits and of course that all your donations made it possible to raise over £6000 for Shelterbox. And the donations are still coming in so it may get even higher.

So that's it. I shall look forward to getting home, catching up with evetyone and planning my next trip.