Wednesday, 25 May 2011

As requested by Clare

Proof that I am still alive! Thanks for all your comments. We all look forward to reading them and it really helps to keep us going. Sorry that I haven't replied individually but by the time I've set up camp, showered, and had dinner, as well as any group chores I have to do I barely have time to do the blog before I fall asleep. We are up at 6AM every day and most of us are in bed by 9PM.

Day 21 Harrodsburg to Bardsville.

Well the tornado didn't arrive but we are not out of the woods yet. Heavy storms are predicted overnight and into tomorrow. A siren sounded at 6PM tonight which we thought was a tornado warning but it  turned out to be the evening dinner call at the campsite.
Todays riide was easy in theory but headwinds heat and humidity made sure it wasn't. Interstingly on route we passed the homestead of Abraham Lincoln's parents.

Miles today 47
Total           938

We have a genuine tornado warning today

Watch this space. 8AM and we are fixated on tbe weather channel.