Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 74 Rest day in Missoula

Ah the luxury of a lie in and not having to cycle. If only my leg muscles could remembet how to walk . . . You think I am joking?

Today we were hosted by the Adventure Cycling Association at their HQ in Missoula and after a tour around the building looking at all the memorabilia since the first Transam ride in 1976 they laid on a barbeque in the very pleasant 98F sunshine. We also met Ellen's mum who dtove all the way down from Calgary on crutches to see her daughtet brfore she jets off to Korea for a teaching post at the end of the tour. Tough ladies, the Hadleys!

I could not resist indulging in some retail thetapy and purchased a Ttansam cycling shirt ( 79$ ouch), a pair of transam 76 socks and 2 new Continental Contact Sport slick tyres. After 2 more punctures I have binned the Schwalbe XR's.

Had my first ever haircut in the USA and rounded off the day with a Japanesr meal with Ellen, her Mum and a few of the crowd. We also enjoyed the company of Zac and West who we keep bumping into en route. Two good guys that we like.

But the most exciting news of the day has to be the return of KELLY so we are back up to 14.

Oh and I had ice cream and coffee at Mcdonalds as my nightcap.

Miles Today 0