Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 56 Walden to Saragota

Today we said goodbye to Colorado and hello to Wyoming. We really are in the 'Wild West' now with services few and far between. The campsite tonight has no showers and no drinking water so we have to take it with us. As if we dont have enough to carry!

Greg called in at the campsite this morning and will be rejoining the group at Lander on 4th July. Unfortunately he has had problems with the altitude and has been medically advised to stay below 5000'.

Some of the group had mechanical failures today including Kelly and Ellen who ended up hitching a ride to camp. I agreed to sweep at the back and wait for Dolores at the 50 mile rest stop. I was starting to get concerned as she had not showed up by 3 30PM. Amazingly a guy sat at the bar in the cafe handed me his truck keys to go and look for her. Another example of the hospitality we keep receiving from ordinary American people on this trip. Just as I fired up the engine looking forward to a spin down the road she turned up, looking very dishevelled and battered by the strong winds that Wyoming  had greeted us with.
She was however soon revitalised by a huge half pound burger and we powered the last 20 miles to camp with the help of a very welcome tailwind.
I now have over 50 mosquito bites!

Miles Today 70
Total          2773

Day 55 Hot Sulphur Springs to Walden

Today was fairly straight forward. 30 miles uphill to cross the Co.tinental Divide again. Then 30 miles downhill. It goes without saying that the scenery a.d riding were awesome. On the way down I came across Ellen and Kelly who seem to find ridi.g downhill more tiring on this side of the Continental Divide! There is also a distinct lack of pie stops in Colorado. Perhaps things will improve in Wyoming.

Miles Today    63
Total            2703