Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A weekend in the land of the Concrete Cow

. . . also known as Milton Keynes which was my home for over 20 years and which probably accounts for my strange Yorkshire accent. It was great to catch up with old friends before my departure but after over eating and drinking for most of the weekend I thought some exercise would be in order. So Saturday was a 27 mile ride to Stoke Goldington with  'Sarah the Spinning Queen'  where I had the pleasure of meeting her Mum and sister Rachel again (who now has two lovely children) who I had not seen for at least 15 years.
Monday was a 45 mile ride south of Milton Keynes with my Godson Jack. All I can say that if you're an old bloke on a bike and you think you're quite fit go out on a ride with a 16 year old teenager to give you a reality check.

Oh and Noel Edmonds will be pleased to know that the concrete cows are still there although they seem to have been relocated to the city centre

Training Log
Rides                   24

Miles                   1107
Average               46
Tea Stops            48