Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The dawn of a new era for the EG's

. . . at least until our mercurial ride leader Dave Prescott is up and running again or should I say cycling after his recent knee operation. So with our new younger and vibrant leader at the helm, also called Dave, we were promised an inaugural ride taking in the full splendour of the Yorkshire Dales with plenty of up hill and down dale and panoramic views North,South, East and West.

Well there was plenty of up hill, not so much down dale, and the views would have been panoramic had this normally splendid  part of Yorkshire not been covered in a blanket of thick fog. Nevertheless another 55 miles on the Training Log with the horrible conditions partly redeemed by the delightful apple crumble and custard at the recently reopened Spa Gardens in Ripon.

Training Log

Rides                   17
Miles                   750
Average               44