Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 92 Sunset Bay to Humbug Mtn State Park

I woke up today in the beautiful surroundings of Sunset Bay where I finally managed to perform the wheel dipping ceremony, but without any sunshine. After cycling back to Charleston to grab some breakfast junk food, we were warned by the locals of the toil ahead up the notorious seven devils road. In the words of Dolores you might be able to describe it as a 'significant' climb Pah! Compared to some of the stuff on the Transam I tbought tbe  7 hills were small potatoes.

We then breezed into Bandon where we had an early brunch/lunch at the Bandon Coffee Cafe. The blueberry sour cream coffee cake was delicious.

After lunch we had magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean as we hugged the coast. This is what I had been waiting for. Yesterday's tailwind was still in evidence and even stronger. Are we going to be blown all the way to San Francisco?

Aftet a late afternoon teastop we stocked up on a few provisions and then headed for camp, hopefully arriving a little earlier than yrsterday.

Distance Today 60
Total              4785

Day 91 Florence to Sunset Bay

After a final farewell breakfast with Sally,Ellen Don and Hubert we finally started our journey south. The Pacific Ocean, supposedly on our right, was nowhere to be seen for the first ten miles and in it's place we had traffic, lots of it. But we were warned and it is high season.

Most of today we passed thtough the Oregon Dunes but unfortunately you don't see much of them on the bike with US101 being some distance from the ocean in this part of Oregon. We did though have the benefit of an all day tailwind, which helped to flatten out some of the coastal undulation.

We had decided to head for the strongly recommended hiket biket campsite at Sunset Bay State Park and it was an excrellent choice, located in a beautiful spot by the sea. And only 5$. A bit out of the way so we had dinner before arriving at a great little seafood restaurant in Charleston. So despite only cycling 57 miles we still managed to arrive in camp at the rather late hour of 7 30PM.

We met lots of friendly people today including six other cyclists all heading south. And it is a great feeling being able to tell people that we have just cycled over 4500 miles across America!

We also had a  very late map meeting at 9PM.

Miles Today 57
Total        4723