Thursday, 24 March 2011

Despite my recent celebrity status

. . . I have still managed to continue the training schedule but obviously I am now having to choose my route very carefully to avoid bringing Harrogate and surrounding area to a standstill.

Nevertheless 62 miles clocked up on Sunday through "Wonderful Wharfedale" including 3000' of ascent and 63 miles yesterday with the EG's to Thirsk and beyond and back. As you can see the numbers are getting bigger.

And by popular demand from my 'more cynical' friends' I have now included a tea stop count.

Training Log

Rides                   19
Miles                   875
Average               46
Tea Stops             42

Monday, 21 March 2011

My 15 minutes of fame

. . .  have finally arrived. Woke up this morning and nearly choked on my porridge to find that the Yorkshire Post and the Yorkshire Evening Post have both run features on my ride. Click on the pictures to see both reports.

And of course this is all down to my wonderful friends at Source Marketing Communications in Leeds. Who would have thought that 45 years later little freckle faced Steve who wanted to play football with the big boys in the playground at Temple Moor School would have such power and influence. I guess I'll have to buy them all yet another drink this weekend!

And as I was walking home after delivering 500 leaflets in Harrogate I came across this!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The dawn of a new era for the EG's

. . . at least until our mercurial ride leader Dave Prescott is up and running again or should I say cycling after his recent knee operation. So with our new younger and vibrant leader at the helm, also called Dave, we were promised an inaugural ride taking in the full splendour of the Yorkshire Dales with plenty of up hill and down dale and panoramic views North,South, East and West.

Well there was plenty of up hill, not so much down dale, and the views would have been panoramic had this normally splendid  part of Yorkshire not been covered in a blanket of thick fog. Nevertheless another 55 miles on the Training Log with the horrible conditions partly redeemed by the delightful apple crumble and custard at the recently reopened Spa Gardens in Ripon.

Training Log

Rides                   17
Miles                   750
Average               44

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

First Fully Loaded Ride

Well the sun was shining and the roads were dry so I thought I'd take the opportunity to get out on the expedition bike fully loaded. Only did 20 miles but chose a hilly route and combined with a strong wind it was a good work out.

  • Bike handled well with it's new racks and panniers
  • New ergonomic grips felt comfortable.
  • New cycling shoes and pedals worked well.
  • My trusty old Brookes leather saddle was as comfortable as ever.
  • I felt good.
  • Not sure about the rolling resistance of the Schwalbe Expedition Tyres. Might have to switch to standard Marathons and increase the puncture risk.
  • It's a lot harder with a fully loaded bike!
  • None of ny scheduled coffee stops en route were in residence.
And here's the proof, with a hazy view of the Wharfe valley in the background.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A trip to the world famous Dunnies cafe in Otley

As well as 3 more training rides adding another 116 miles to the total. Dunnies can best be described as the ultimate greasy spoon with everything on the menu under £2.50 and guaranteed to increase cholesterel levels with every mouthful. Also described by one of my fellow riders as good training for America as most of the clientele appear to be more scary than grizzly bears. Apparently Sir Jimmy Saville OBE is a regular diner!!!

Training Log

Rides                   14
Miles                   595
Average               43