Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 68 Yellowstone Loop Part 2

After a very heavy thunderstorm last night we woke up to a very soggy campsite. We started the day with two modest ascents up to the Great  Divide then a massive ten mile descent to Old Faithful. 

It fires off roughly every 96 minutes and I luckily arrived to join the crowds ten minutes before lift off. The heavens then opened and the last 30 miles of the day on a very busy road were unpleasant to say the least. It was so cold that I could not turn on my Dell to take photographs as it operates by a heat sensitive screen.

Great thing  about the weather here though is that when it strikes it tends to be ferocious but when it stops the sun comes out and you dry off very quickly.

Unfortunately Dolo had a spot of bother  with the weather today. She was badly affected by the cold, fell off her bike, got disorientated and was delivered to the campsite by ambulance.

However she swiftly recovered and didn't miss her regular Mcdonalds ice  cream fix, after a telling off from our leader about the importance of wearing watetproofs when it's cold and raining.

Miles Today 51
Total          3407

Day 67 Yellowstone Park Loop Part 1

As I suspected this park is something special. Hot springs, geysers, elk, moose,  bison, bears, snow capped peaks, it's got the blooming lot, apart from PIE!  From a cycling perspective it was a long hard day and no wonder as it was all between 7500' and 8000'.

Hope the photos bring it over. Tomorrow we pass by Old Faithful.

Miles Today 71
Total         3353

Day 66 Warm River to Madison, Yellowstone Park

I had a long stretch cycling alone this morning on a quite road and all I could think about was bears. Should I buy some bear spray at 50$. What would I do if I confronted a bear. Would I have the bottle to follow the advice a.d stand my ground if it charged or run or cycle like hell. I really dont know but there is a real danger here so I feel that I must stay vigilant.

By midday I hooked up with Don and Ellen and we rode into West Yellowstone town at a brisk pace, where due to no showets again tonight, we all took showers at the launderette, as we dont like to smell too badly.

After meeting up with the rest of the group we sbopped, ate pizza and then cycled into the park to begin our 2 day loop. I have to say that after the Tetons I was somewhat underwhelmed and may ride back to West Yellowstone, take a rest day and do the tourist  bus tour to Old Faithful.

However I am sure that we have entered the park by the tradesman's entrance so I am POSITIVE things will get better.

Miles Today   71
Total            3282