Thursday, 17 February 2011

And my cycling companions across the USA are

Sally Fenton, USA, Tour Leader

Cathy Blondeau, Canada, 61
Sjef Streng, Netherlands, 58
Don Youngblood, USA, 69
Dexter Morse, USA, 64
Renate Olaisen, Norway, 36
Jason Pennington, England, 42
Hubert Bol, Netherlands
Jill Perakis, USA
Greg Whitehead, USA
Dave Springett, England
Don Youngblood, USA, 69
Annika Gross, Norway
Ellen Hadley, Canada, 32

And of course myself sitting somewhere roughly in the middle of the age range, pleasantly surprised that I'm not the oldest member in the team !

At last some sunshine!

But not for long with more snow forecast in Yorkshire this weekend. Since the last post I have now clocked up 3 more rides totalling 134 miles and have now upgraded to the medium+ touring pace ride with the Sunday group. The pace was noticeably quicker but I managed to hang on in there. Wednesday's ride of 48 miles with the EG's in the sunshine up into the Yorkshire Dales was absolutely glorious, and a reminder of why I have moved back to God's own county.
I must be getting fitter as the hills are definitely starting to flatten out!

Training Log

Rides                   10
Miles                   434
Average               43.4