Thursday, 26 May 2011

When you're cycling across america pie and ice cream at 10 am is ok

Day 22 - Bardsville to White Mills

HEADWINDS!!!!!!! Aieeee!!!!!!   Plus dark stormy weather, the threat of tornadoes, and Rob riding maniacally ahead so that he could do a good job of dinner duty.   And now we are staying at the volunteer fire fighter station.

At this point Ellen fell azleep so I have had to reluctantly take over. 

Because of Ellen and Greg's penchant for pie I was press ganged into carrying a very heavy - at least a 5 pounder - Fruit pie for nearly 40 agonising miles.  This was beneficial on the downhills but not so beneficial on the uphills.   The owner of the pie shop kindly packaged up the pie into a crush-proof and water-proof fashion:  a layer of tinfoil, a solid layer of cardboard, a garbage bag and my fluorescent orange bag.

After a long period keeping the stop and stare peleton at bay, a wrong turn meant that my advantage was lost and I was forced back into stop and stare mode (which was good for pie carrying).  On a more serious note, we passed by the birthplace of Abraham lincoln at Hodgesville.

As we approached the Dollar store into Sonora to do our group shopping we noticed 2 Amish girls in a horse drawn buggy and immediatrely wanted to approach them and ask questions like ' Do you sew your own clothes?' but we felt very awkward and ended up asking  if their horse liked apples instead. We were told that the horses weren't usually fed apples, but we could offer them one & see what they thought.  One horse sniffed the apple and rejected it immediately.  The other horse (Linda) took the apple and chomped on it, but then spat it out.  Tbe day ended witb Ellie and I serving up a damn fine chilli con carne improvised recipe to precede the pie .

miles today 47
Total           985