Southern Tier

Two weeks ago I had absolutely no idea that I would be doing another big cycle ride across America, but after a flurry of email contact between myself and my fellow Transam riding companions, I discovered that Sally Fenton , our superb tour leader on that trip was back in the saddle and this time leading the Southern Tier. A slightly shorter ride at 3500 miles from San Diego, California to St Augustine, Florida, the oldest town in America. After a couple of days deliberation mainly thinking about why I should not do this, I decided to disregard all the negatives and just do it. So the last two weeks have been frantically spent getting everything together for another mammoth cycle ride across the USA.

Preparation is a little bit easier this time as I already have all the gear including a valid US visa, the expedition bike is in fine fettle, and most important of all so are my cycling legs, thanks to my weekly ride out with the EG section of Wheel Easy Cycle Club (formerly standing for Elderly Gentlemen but we probably like to be thought of as the Elite Group these days! ).

The itinerary looks something like this:

September 8th  - Fly out to Los Angeles for a couple of days to set up the bike and a little bit of sightseeing.

September 11th - Cycle 160 miles down the Pacific Coast to meet up with the rest of the group in San Diego

September 15th - Commence the 9 week 3500 mile cycle across the Southern Tier of America.

November 17th - End of Southern Tier and after a day's rest a two week solo tour of Florida all the way down to Key West and back. Approximately 600 miles.

December 2nd - 2 days in Miami Beach before flying home on December 4th.

As before this is a self contained tour, which means that we do not have a support vehicle, carry everything on the bikes, do all our own cooking and spend most nights under canvas.

Obviously not everyone's idea of the perfect holiday:)

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