Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day 70 Ennis to Dillon

Today we started with the hill known locally as the ten mile hill, average 7 percent gradient all tbe way up. Fandabidosa. I knew there would be a price to be paid for yesterday.
A short descent into Virginia city checked by real cowboys driving real cows up the road, gave me the opportunity to feast on a tri stack of hotcakes laced with butter and maple syrup, my new favourite cycling food. Alas the third stack  defeated me.
Along this part of Montana there are lots of old mining towns which have been restored quite authentically to attract the tourist. Thereafter the day was a long gradual  tiring climb with headwinds and the threat of a storm that somehow I managed to avoid. On arrival at camp I was greeted by Joel who immediately thrust a beer from his local micro brewery into my hand. What a fine fellow!
Dinner table conversation revolved mainly around the topic of Greg's butt and whether I should publish on the blog the photo  of it that Dara sent me.

Miles Today  72
Total          3555