Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day 80 Cambridge to Halfway

Very very hot today with temperatures over 100F. It was also the day that we entered our final state of the TransAmerica trail - Oregon. Hell's Canyon was spectacular and seems to attract a nice class of people . . . particularly the motorist who pulled up alongside and offered me a beer (which I am now drinking as I blog) and refilled my water bottles with ice cool water.

Tonight we are staying at an upmarket hotel where we have use of all the facilities including the adjoining cow field where we are camping.

I cycled mainly on the middle ring today and changed gear 246 times with tyres inflated to 80 psi. If this additional information proves popular I am prepared to add it to the blog for the remainder of the ride.  Time for Guest Blogger Hadley to make a reappearance perhaps?

Miles Today 58
Total          4137