Monday, 17 January 2011

Visa Visa Visa

After finally shaking off the Christmas and New Year flu I have managed to get down to London for the Visa Interview at the American Embassy. Must have said all the right things as they have issued me with a 10 year visa and only kept me waiting 4 hours!.
Always get a buzz going to London, whether it be catching the Tube, walking up Oxford Street, or just seeing the River Thames. I suppose those that have to commute to work there every day don't see it that way but for me it's one of the few things that I miss about Milton Keynes.
Stayed with a mate in Berkhamsted the night before and don't know what was in his beer but when I got back found that he'd set the ball rolling on my sponsorship with a whopping £100. So cheers Pete, I promise I'll try and smile when it's my round in future!

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  1. So, as the lucky host for Rob's stay en route to getting his VISA, I can share first hand how enthusiastic he is about this trip. So much so that, in a moment of weakness and clearly influenced by his positive mood, I sponsored him. I think it was an over-reaction to seeing a Yorkshireman excited about anything other than cricket, flat beer and endless hill-walks. Anyway, all the best mate.
    p.s. I'll not hold my breath waiting for you to buy a round