Tuesday, 12 April 2011

If your freehub breaks 25 miles from home and you've forgotten your wallet

. . . it's really useful to have Spa Cycles finest mechanic riding with you and a friend with a credit card. Apparently it's very rare but it happened to me on the Wednesday EG's ride last week. What appeared to be a harmless little click 10 minutes before lunch escalated to full freehub breakdown. That's the bit that the rear wheel spokes attach to for the uninitiated.
After a detailed inspection by Norman (of Spa Cycles fame) the prognosis did not look good so a trip to the nearest cycle shop was needed. And as luck would have it, Easingwold Cycles was just round the corner.
For a bargain £24.99 they came up with a new rear rim, and they very kindly fitted the cassette tube and tyre from the old wheel free of charge, so I didn't even get my hands dirty!
Problem was I didn't have £24.99 but fortunately Eric the Mad (see EG's ride report Feb 2nd) came to my rescue and stumped up the cash.
Otherwise a very enjoyable ride and another 55 miles on the log.

Training Log

Rides                   22
Miles                   1035
Average               47
Tea Stops            47

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