Monday, 4 April 2011

Only 25 days to go

. . . and my training continues with two more 50 plus rides under my belt. Mother's Day duties meant I had to cut short Sunday's ride so I took out the expedition bike fully loaded and clocked up 35 miles. A very pleasant ride to the cafe at Thorpe Arch and back.

It's been a great week for sponsorship though so I think the features in the Yorkshire Press ( and now the Harrogate Advertiser) are having an impact. Currently over £2300 raised so nearly halfway towards my target. So thanks very much to all of you have donated and of course those of you that are going to but haven't quite got round to it yet :-)

But the best news for me today is that the broken crown that has been giving me grief for the last four weeks has finally been fixed. Thank you Dentist and I hope I don't hear the sound of your drill again for a very long time!

Training Log

Rides                   21
Miles                   980
Average               47
Tea Stops            45

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