Wednesday, 25 May 2011

As requested by Clare

Proof that I am still alive! Thanks for all your comments. We all look forward to reading them and it really helps to keep us going. Sorry that I haven't replied individually but by the time I've set up camp, showered, and had dinner, as well as any group chores I have to do I barely have time to do the blog before I fall asleep. We are up at 6AM every day and most of us are in bed by 9PM.


  1. Smile you miserable old Yorkshire sod! Glad to hear you are still alive and, judging by your 9pm to-bed time, staying up much later than usual!

  2. Hard to smile when you are being held hostage by a giant Abraham Lincoln! Hang on in there Robert - we'll get you out.

  3. I don't want to worry you too much but ......

    March 1925: Deadliest twister in US history as so-called Tri-State Tornado kills 695 in Missouri, southern Illinois and south-west Indiana

    March 1932: Deep South tornado outbreak kills 332 people from Texas to South Carolina, with 270 dying in Alabama alone

    May 1840: The Great Natchez Tornado kills 317 people in Mississippi town, most living on flatboats on the river

    April 1974: 310 killed in 24-hour "super outbreak" of 148 tornadoes across 13 states.

    May 1896: Two weeks of storms kill 305 people in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky

    It's no joke. I say, head north and stay out of Missouri for the immediate future ....... especially far away from Joplin !