Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 14 Damascus to Rosedale

Last night we had torrential rain into the early hours of the morning and when we rose although it was not raing it was COLD VERY COLD like in the low fifties. So setting off in all my 'not expecting to ever have to wear' cold weather gear we had the relatively easy cycle of just 33 miles to Elk Garden Church hostel. However the sting in the tail was an effing great big 4 mile hill at the end which was on a par with anything you might find in the Alps! As usual Ellen demonstrated her 'Canadian Iron Lady' ascending prowess and glided off up said  mountain although she was hampered by cold hands for part of the day.

Miles Today 36
Total             608


  1. LYCRA alert!!!! Members of wheel easy take note!

  2. Linda and John20 May 2011 at 03:20

    Hi Robert. Lovng the blog. Come back soon as new puppy arriving tomorrow! Hope you are doing better than smash and tinned stew for meals.

  3. Cold? That's shirt sleeves weather man.