Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 20 Berea to Harrodsburg

Today started off with an early morning trip to Walmart, just down the road from the campsite I purchased a set of waterproof stuffsacs one of which was immediately purloined by Ellen who also made the major purchase of a new mug. This means that she can now drink the Lady grey tea that I constantly ply her with out of a mug instead  of her cereal bowl.
On return to the campsite at the extraordinary late time of 8 47AM we were not surprised that everybody had already departed after the re energising boost of a layover day. However Greg was there waiting for us clearly keen to reestablish himself as an integral member of the 'stop and stare ' posse.
And so the days cycling began with the promise of an easier ride through the rolling pastures of mid Kentucky with the threat of flesh hungry dogs a distant memory. And so it was. We inflicted our usual blend of cifornian canadian and yorkshire humour on the unsuspecting lcitizens of kentucky as we drunk their coffee, ate their ice cream and admired their wall mounted stags heads. The day ended at the local YMCA where we missed the last shower at 4PM but luckily after dinner we managed to make the 8PM shower at the local vymnasium where we were also entertained by some fine college basketball. The day ended with a 2 mile walk to the local Dairy Queen where we witnessed the peculiar site of little old baseball cap wearing ladies eating ice cream whilst doing their knitting. A missed photo opportunity.
Miles Today 51
Total            891

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