Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 24 Utica to Marion

After a fine nights sleep camped outside the local fire station it was our intention today to  take   a detour to watch the Champions league final. I would of course be supporting Manchester United.
However with Sally our leader needing to see a doctor the plan had to be changed. I agreed to ride sweep tailing Dolores, Ellen went to the doctors with Sally taking advantage of the very kind offer of ai lift and back to the nearest town by a nice guy we met early this  morning in the local gas station. Greg and Hubert went off in search of said soccer match.
So an opportunity to take a 69 mile rest day on the bike peddling away at the rear without a care in the world through the easier terrain of West Kentucky.
So my world was looking pretty good until about an hour down the road and I suddenly realised I had missed a turn and added a 10 mile scenic detour to my route. Aaagh! Donut brain.
However every cloud has a silver lining and 52 miles down the proper road I stumbled across Hubert and Greg comfortably esconced eating chocolate pie watching the match in the tiny town of Clay. A good excuse to stop and wait for Sally and Ellen.
So 2 portions of chocalate pie, 1 portion of banana pie and 6 cups of coffee later Ellen and Sally finally appeared and we all rode of into tbe sunset on a beautiful summers evening to mark our final day in Kentucky. Shame about the result but as GREG accurately predicted the result he rode the last 20 miles with his chest puffed out 5 dollars the richer at my expense.

Miles today 74
Total         1143

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