Monday, 30 May 2011

Day 26 - Dixon Springs to Carbondale

Another HOT day.  At one point the tar on the road was bubbling up and sticking to our tires!  But the headwinds were less hideously intense than yesterday, and we also enjoyed spending 10 miles of the ride on a dedicated bike trail that was completely flat and took us through beautiful lush green landscapes (and a very cool and dark and slightly scary tunnel).

From the moment we set off in the morning we were fixated on getting to Delaney's, a cafe in  Gorville,,,,.where we'd heard that we (as bikers) would be given the gift of pie!  BLOG TAKENOVER BY ROB We also decided that after lunch we would ditch Greg and Rob and have a girlie bonding session with Cathy. However there must have been something in the pie that interfered with our sense of direction and after taking several wrong turns we had to run the gauntlet of the boys smugly petched in a cool shady spot on the side of the road gloating at our inability to navigate the route. BLOG NOW RESUMED BY GUEST BLOGGER HADLEY.  Guest blogger Hadley is too sleeeepy to even concoct a smart response to this!!!!!  Gotta go to bed.  Now.  At the  old-ladyish bedtime of 9PM Sweet dreams, Rob.  :)

Miles today  64
Total           1256

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  1. Rob, you're turning into Cartman ...... "gimme some pie !" It's a US infection.