Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 4 Ashland to Mineral

A longer 60 miles today and a gentle introduction to the hills before we hit the tougher stuff in a few days time.  The cycling groups are starting to take shape and after a couple of days at the faster end I've chosen to team up with the 'stop and stare'  group. Today we have been joined by Dolores, a remarkable 68 years young New Yorker who is doing the trip on a Bike Friday towing a suitcase on wheels. And at the end of the day just before reachi.g camp we came across a vineyard and enjoyed a fine wine tasting session for 5 dollars a head. I am sure you will appro e Mr Hill.

Miles Today 62
Total             236


  1. Say hello to Delores and Mr. Hale.
    Jack Pettry (ACA)

  2. Hi Robert, Glad to read you are on the way. I like the sound of the stop and stare group and I like the sound of the wine tasting even more! Keep blogging.

    P.S Tell the lady doing the stretch that the other leg should be behind!

  3. Hey rob your live otter has arrived where do I send it I won't bother with cardboard box !! Will send airmail btw lots of photos of Ellie on your blog ;-) ! Lol
    Great blog xxx kevandnicxx aka anonymous!

  4. The more I see and hear of this trip, the more it sounds like my kind of cycling. Huge pieces of cake, stopping and staring and now wine tasting. It's not you wasting away that we need to worry about, but the plane getting off the ground at the end of it all. One complaint tho, where are the promised blue markers on the route map? I can't find any of these places on Google maps. Bill x

  5. Hi Rob, Just to let you know that you are being followed on-line from Reading! Good luck! I did the trip 2 years ago. If I have a regret, it was cycling too hard and missing out on the 'stop and stare', so don't rush. Also, be aware that some counties ahead of you will be 'dry', so no wine there!!


  6. So not everyone is in "La Tour" shape then.

  7. Sorry about the lack of blue markers. I cant get the technologyworking at the moment.