Monday, 23 May 2011

Have you seen this man $25000 dollats reward

This man known to be of Dutch origin is responsible for tbe illegal importation of bootleg liquor actoss the state line into the dry state of Kentucky in order to satisfy his inquenchable thirst for alcobol. If you see him approach with caution and be prepared to use pepper spray.


  1. Do I recognize my brother? Please keep an eye on him. And to mr Jim Bean himself: congratulations with your birthday. I hope that, even in Kentucky, everybody will be ready to toast on your health.

  2. I am glad the reward for my bootlegging friend is offered in DOLLATS, which appears to be a restricted currency from the north west province of Kichirgisitan. Export of it is strictly forbidden.
    I guess this man is safe in the US.
    Rob has to be carefull though if one of his next projects brings him in Kichirgisitan where he probably will have to answer to the illegal export of 20% of the provinces annual product.
    cheers to you alle on this memorable day