Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 36 Ashgrove to Pittsburgh

Today was our last day in Missouri and our last day in the hills for a couple of weeks before we hit tbe Rockies. Kansas, tbe breadbasket of America, with its endless flat  plains awaits us, where buffalo used to roam, but now where the closest tbing to a buffalo is a John Deer tractor.
The day was a long 69 miles, temperatures back over 100F and an immediate wrong turn adding 7 miles to our day. Hivhlight of the day was lunch at Cookies pie shop in Golden City . We all had at least one piece of pie and some of us had rwo.Tomorrow is a rest day in Pittsburgh. Nothinv more needs to be said.
Total miles 76
Total        1738

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  1. Given the amount of wrong turns you are taking it sounds like you are going to do more than 6000 miles! Don't they have Sat Nav in the States??