Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 45 Ness City to Scott City

We seem to be having thunderstorms every night at the moment. Tonight we are staying at a Sports club with the option to sleep indoors. As I write a massive storm is brewing with thunder and lightning the like of which you nevet see back home. Quite exciting really. At the moment I am still in the tent listening to Bob Dylan.
The ride today was fairly uneventful but I spoke too soon about the wind. We ascended very gradually with a heafwind all the way. Tomorrow is our last day in Kansas before we enter Colorado. Bring on the Rockies !

Miles Today   57
Total            2187

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  1. As you lie in your tent snuggling up with Bob, may I remind you of the conductive excellence of carbon fibre. The sports hall sounds like the best place to be to me. Bill xx