Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 46 Scott city to Tribune

Having survived last nights storm Greg and I were up at the crack of dawn to prepare the 6 30AM breakfast. With a short day, tail winds, and an hour gained as we crossed another time zone we reached our destination just before midday. Today we are camping in the city park so for the first time on this trip I have spent the afternoon lazing around the pool. The city parks here are amazing. They nearly all have a great swimming pool, showers (free for cyclists) and full sport facilities including a baseball pitch. As long as we contact the local sheriff we can camp for free. But the main difference between here and home is that all the facilities are immaculately maintained and respected by the locals.

And finally after 46 attempts I now have a perfectly erected tent  capable of handling anything that nature can throw at it. We have tornado warnings again tonight so we will see.

Miles today   49
Total            2236


  1. Hi Darling, just wondering how the padded pants are performing after so many days in the saddle? Hope you have plenty of spares? Are they as long lasting as your new tyres? Keep well , lots of love Christine

  2. But y'all dodged around Dodge City ! Now was it Marshall Dillon ...... or Billy the Kid.... or The Dalton Gang ...... as well as Wyatt Earp of course ? Hope you get to see the Indian burial grounds near to Colorado Springs ..... well worth a visit.