Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 61 Lander to Dubois 3000 miles up!

Well today was pretty much deja  vu of day 58. Ridiculously early start, high mileage, headwinds  . . . you know by now the sort of thing that I mean.
One difference, just as I was all set to go, I decided to check tyre pressures and somehow broke the valve on the rear wheel. So after much stomping around the campsite I unloaded, and eventually  fixed the damn thing. As I was now miles behind everybody I thought what the hell and took refuge in Mcdonalds and had a second breakfast, which of course by now was at a more civilised time. Ok strop over.

Today was going to be interesting as for 58 miles we were cycling through the Wind River Indian Reservation, home of the Shoshone tribe.

Typically when cycling througb the USA  you pick up the sense of  national pride by virtue of the stars and stripes hoisted above just about every home. Here there was  not one single flag displayed, other than above the Missionary church in Fort Washakie. And I did not see a single Indian.  My overriding feeling was that of poverty,deprivation and a tough place to live

Quite a contrast to the tourist information boards describring the reservation in the more upmarket town of Dubois where we stayed tonight.

Miles Today 76
Total         3022

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  1. Today's News:

    Yellowstone National park grizzly bear 'kills hiker'

    A female grizzly bear has killed a man out on a hike with his wife in Yellowstone National Park after the couple apparently surprised the bear and its cubs, officials say.

    The attack took place on the Wapiti Lake Trail, in an isolated area near the middle of the park, officials said.

    The woman survived despite being chased by the bear and lifted into the air by her rucksack, she told park officials.

    It was Yellowstone's first fatal bear mauling since 1986.

    The couple had seen the bear earlier on Wednesday but continued hiking, said park spokesman Al Nash. Later, it charged at them and the man told his wife to run.

    The woman told officials she did not witness the fatal attack on her husband, and had dropped to the ground when the bear chased after her.

    It had lifted her off the ground by her rucksack before dropping her and making off, Mr Nash quoted her as saying, leaving her bruised but not seriously hurt.

    "In an apparent attempt to defend a perceived threat to her cubs, the bear attacked and fatally wounded the man," said park spokesman Al Nash. "Another group of hikers nearby heard the victim's wife crying out for help, and used a cell phone to call 911."

    Park officials have not taken any action against the bear, Mr Nash told the Associated Press.

    Campsites in the area have been closed, warning signs posted and wardens have been working to clear hikers from the area.

    More details were expected later on Thursday after the victim's family has been notified.

    Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area in the north-western United States are home to several hundred grizzly bears, which can weigh up to 600lb (270kg) and are a big tourist attraction.