Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 69 West Yellowstone to Ennis

Last night we had a close encounter with a Grizzly bear. About 3AM Joel heard a noise by the garbage, looked out of bis tent and there it was. The reaction of the campsite staff the next morni.g was a rather unconcerned 'Oh not again'. Joel by the way is Cathy's  nephew who lives locally and will be ridiing with us for a few days. I am beginning to wonder if he is really an Englishman in disguise as unlike most Americans he understands me first take most of the time and has a  pretty dry sense of bumour which I like. In fact he would make a good Greg replacement especially if he were to grow a beard.

The ride today was a cinch. Downhill all the way with a tailwind through the big open spaces  and beautiful scenery of Montana. I averaged 15.2 mph which for me is not bad loaded up. Elsewhere Ellen has become a Tour De France addict and has a girlie crush on one of the Schleck brothers even though they are without facial growth. Rumour has it that she has a poster on the wall of her tent.

After our little detour in Yellowstone it was good to be back on the route proper today.

Miles Today  71
Total           3483

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