Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 71 - Dillon to Jackson (guest blogger Hadley)

Today's ride looked like this: ^^

Although the above seems to be a clear & succinct way of describing today's ride, Rob has instructed me to write more details about the ride and to do more 'gushing'.  So here I go:

Today's ride took us over two small mountains, through lovely, wide-open Montana countryside.  The roads we were on were small and had very little traffic, so it was easy to relax and enjoy the views.  There were no towns or services along the way - just rural Big Sky Beauty.  I rode with Joel and Marla (who were riding their tandem), just ahead of Rob (close enough that we were tantalizingly in sight, but far enough away that there was no way he could catch us).  Or so he claims.  At the top of the first pass, Joel and Marla and I apparently blasted off down the hill, just when Rob was about to reach the summit! 

This incident caused Rob to have a minor temper tantrum.  I am writing today's blog post in the hopes that he will be so appreciative that he'll forgive me for my cycling faux pas.

(ok.  I was losing steam on writing this blog post, but I've been recharged by Rob's praise of what I've written so far...)

We reached the tiny town of Jackson (population 30) after a mere 48 miles of riding.  For some reason we all seem to be unusually knackered and are now lying oh-so-slothfully in the animal-head-festooned Jackson Lodge, where we will be eating dinner in 9 short minutes.

That wasn't quite as gushy a post as Rob was hoping for, I think,  but it'll have to do because I'm only half conscious at the moment. 

Miles Today    48
Total             3605


  1. Today - cycled to the chippy; had a big cod, chips & mushies, got a lift home. Total distance @ 500 yds

  2. Rob, temper tantrums, on a bike ride. No, that can't be possible ;-)