Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 73 Darby to Missoula

Yesterday we arrived in Darby on Loggers Day. Basically this means that really hard looking men that usually chop down trees do thinks like log rolling and the lumbetjack equivelant of boules. That is chopping down trees and making them land within inches of a can of WD40. Enough said I think.

So today after nine very tough days on the road we had a straigbtforward seventy miles through the  breathtakingly beautiful landscape of Montana into Missoula where we have a much appreciated layover day, before we turn left and head for the Pacific.

As the campsite was miles out of town I have opted to share a motel room in the centre with Jack for a couple of nights. It is supposed to be a rest day aftet all and as the temperature forecast for tomorrow is 98F I didn't fancy all the cycling backwards and forwards.

On the subject of Greg's butt I have had a bid of ten pounds NOT to publish. A good starting point but clearly not enough!

Miles Today 72
Total         3752


  1. You never said that you'd found a new girlfriend Rob?! She seems a little young for you!

  2. I didn't. Where is she? Waiting for me in Harrogate. The lady in the photo is Dolo from New York. A diamond.