Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 75 Missoula to Powell

There was a mysterious incident in the motel room last night. For some reason in the early hours of the morning Jack appeared to be playing the Trumpet Voluntaty through his nostrils, or was he playing his harmonica, or was he just snoring!. Most unusual as he normally  sleeps like a baby.

So after scrambling for the ear plugs I woke up at 6AM to find that Jack was already on his way despite his strange nocturnal activities. So I crawled out of bed shortly afterwards for a 7 30AM
rendez-vous with the girls at Mcdonalds, where we filled our bellies with their fine breakfast fayre  before we headed out west towards the Lolo pass  on the final leg of the Transam ride.We now have only 833 miles before we hit the Pacific Coast.

The ride was a steady  46 mile ascent into the wind up to the Lolo pass at 5235' small beer compared to our previous accomplishments. Then a rapid 12 mile descent into camp at which point the heavens opened.

But the main story of the day is that Ellen is back. With her usual grace and poise she stormed up the Lolo pass in her psychedelic  dress and new shiny black pants without any vehicular assistance to reclaim her position as Queen of the mountains.

Qurstioned about the othet day Hadley said "I dont know what happened. It was a big mistake and it will never happen again"

Miles Today 58
Total          3810

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  1. Welcome back to Kelly and to the REAL Ellen. Phew, we were getting worried. Contador seems to be making a come back in the Tour de France too - perhaps Ellen and Alberto are spookily connected .......?