Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 81 Halfway to Baker City

Today was billed as a tough day and it was. Breakfast at 5 30AM followed by a stiff climb and descent into the town of Richland where I fortified myself for the next ascent up onto the Oregon high desert with a double pancake stack and obligatory maple syrup. Delicious. At this point even earlier  birds Kelly and Ellen departed, They are always hyperactive when we are due to stay over at a town with a Mcdonalds.

The problem with the really hot days is that watet bottles get hot making the contents taste even more disgusting than usual. (American water does not taste good). So today I tried a new tactic. A peppermint tea bag in the bottle. And it worked up to a point.

Cant say the same about the wind though. It just blows and blows. The last five miles today were downhill on the route profile but just as I reached the summit of the last climb of the day
out it came with a vengeance.

And so into historical Baker City where I found a very nice ice cream parlour. So I parked up the bike, sat down and ordered the biggest sundae on the menu with all the trimmings and was about to enjoy the first mouthful when I suddenly noticed that my bike was not where I left it. 

No panic, somebody must have moved it. But it really wasn't there. For a few seconds I had that totally sinking feeling and then Jason popped his grinning face around the corner. Luckily he didn't steal the ice cream as well.

Finally I am able to announce that my sponsorship target is back on track thanks to an incredibly generous donation from Joel and Marla relatives of Cathy who joined us for a few days back in Yellowstone Park.

Miles Today  54
Total          4193

Total Raised   £3765.00
Gift Aid           £  757.06

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  1. Haven't they got flasks over there? Useful for keeping things cold as well as hot!