Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 101 Bodega Bay to Samuel Taylor State Park, Marin County

You can tell that you are getting closer to San Fransisco when:

The oyster bars on the side of the road have free valet parking.

A latte costs $5

Every othet car on the road is a convertible

You're sat in a cafe surrounded by lycra clad cyclists and they are not interesred in talking to you.

The map says 27 miles to go.

However another great days cycling finished offf with an excellent Indian meal.  Passed another couple of around the world cyclists today. The global mobile family, with 4 children the oldest of which was 8 and the youngest 8 MONTHS. Amazing.

Miles Tofay 50
Total       5300


  1. So tomorrow must be the end? If it is, relish the last day of your fantastic journey. Resist the temptation to throw your trusty bike into San Fransisco Bay. Drink champagne and plan your next adventure...

  2. Tijuana on the border is not so far away ...... and it's less than 4000kms to Acapulco !