Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 93 Humbug Mountain State Park to Harris Beach State Park

I thought I was doing a big trip until I met Judy leaving the campsite this morning. She left England 15 months ago and is on the last leg of a round the world trip with Only South America left to do.

Anyway today was absolutely amazing with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Oregon coast all the way down. And we still have the tailwind.

For the last 3 nights we have had tbe company of Rick and bis son Scott from Portland, Steve from England, a Dutch couple  Eric and Colette who cycled the Transam a ccuple of days ahead of us, a mysterious French girl with a German name Marlene and a German couple on a Tandem. We all seem to be ending up on the same campsite every night and it is very sociable, with campfires lit and people actually going to bed AFTER 8 30PM.

Tomorrow we cross the border into California.

Miles Today    53
Total           4842


  1. Wow! The tailwind sounds fantastic and scenery looks awesome too!

    I think I stayed with Eric, Colette, and Marlene too (at Honeyman State Park). Please say hi for me, if you happen to see them again :)


  2. Welcome to the Campsite California !