Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Taking the Amtrak from Emeryville to Seattle on the Coast Starlight

I'm travelling in the cheap seats but it's better than 1st class back home. The amount of legroom is huge. The train leaves at 10 07 PM and arrives in Seattle at 8 45PM tomorrow night.
Sally our tour leader is picking me up and I will be spending a couple of nights with her and her husband Greg at their house on the other side  of Puget Sound before heading on to Vancouver.

Very sad to be leaving San Francisco after a great few days with Greg. Yesterday we went for a spin on his roadbikes and ended up at the Arlon Ness motorcycle dealership where we spent a couple of houts being persuaded to buy Victory motorcycles by two very charming young ladies.

Today we met up with Dara and walked 4/5 miles around the reservoir above Lafayette, followed by huge ice cream.

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  1. Robert you look like a man who doesn't want to come home! Just think, next week you could be out in the Dales with the EGs. In the rain and the cold. Hmmm.... you might have a point.