Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 66 Warm River to Madison, Yellowstone Park

I had a long stretch cycling alone this morning on a quite road and all I could think about was bears. Should I buy some bear spray at 50$. What would I do if I confronted a bear. Would I have the bottle to follow the advice a.d stand my ground if it charged or run or cycle like hell. I really dont know but there is a real danger here so I feel that I must stay vigilant.

By midday I hooked up with Don and Ellen and we rode into West Yellowstone town at a brisk pace, where due to no showets again tonight, we all took showers at the launderette, as we dont like to smell too badly.

After meeting up with the rest of the group we sbopped, ate pizza and then cycled into the park to begin our 2 day loop. I have to say that after the Tetons I was somewhat underwhelmed and may ride back to West Yellowstone, take a rest day and do the tourist  bus tour to Old Faithful.

However I am sure that we have entered the park by the tradesman's entrance so I am POSITIVE things will get better.

Miles Today   71
Total            3282

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