Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 15 Rosedale to Breaks Interstate Park

Another sunny day on the Virginia Riviera. Yesterdays respite from the rain did not last long and we commenced 3 days of tough riding with driving rain and freezing cold temperatures well into lunchtime. Coffee stops were tbin on the ground today but we found a dinky little restaurant in Haysi which refuelled us before the final ascent up to our overnight stop. Ellen was somewhat excited by the discovery of her surname on a street sign but found herself vertically challenged in her attempts to collect it as a souvenir. Today is our last day in Virginia as tomorrow we enter the dangerous dog  state of Kentucky. We have various defence mechanisms at the ready ranging from M & M's to pepper spray and boiled eggs.
The good news is that it might be sunny tomorrow and it might not rain.

Miles today 45
Total           655

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  1. Hi, Rob (and the occasional guest bloggers) --

    I'm the Adventure Cycling tour leader to led the 2007 edition of the self-contained TransAm tour, and I'm enjoying your commentary and photos immensely. The blogs of each summer's riders allow me to re-live the adventure vicariously -- and what a great adventure it is!

    I am looking forward to meeting you and the other members of your group when you get to Breckenridge, Colorado in late June.

    Frank Moritz
    Denver, CO