Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day 16 Breaks Interstate park to Hindman

Today was a 'focus day'  as we had 68 miles and 4500 ft of ascent to deal with. With other Rt members of the stop and stare group otherwise engaged I made an early 7 15 start and cycled alone for most of the morning . Despite a misty start the sun came up and we had temperatures back in the high seventies.  We also had to run the gauntlet of 'canine alley' pretty much as soon as we crossed the state line into Kentucky. It wasnt too bad but at one point I was surrounded by a pack of about 8 dogs jumping up onto my rear panniers. I was reluctant to use the pepper spray and instead threw peanuts at them which surprisingly did the trick. Unfortunately we will have this every day for the next few hundred miles.
By lunchtime I hooked up with Kelly and Ellen and we cycled together for the rest of the day. By the time we arrived at Daves place' our overnight camping stop we were pretty knackered after a hard riding day but it was wonderful to be greeted by Dave handing out glasses of ice tea with fresh mint and lemon on arrival and blackberry brandy as a nightcap. Great overnight stop and my first night without the flysheet.

Miles today 69
Total             725

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