Monday, 2 May 2011

First cycling day

Today I cycled 56 miles from Richmond to Williamsburg. With my body clock still all over the place I was wide awake at 4AM and raring to go but with breakfast not till 7 CNN news bridged the gap. I had intended to take a fairly direct route courtesy of google maps but today I had my first taste of the legendary American hospitality.
Dick and Sue, who I bumped into just before Williamsburg invited me to join them for lunch and took me on an interesting detour to Jamestown whi,h was the first British colonial settlement in America. I know this as Dick brought me up to speed on local history on the way. After a fine lunch and and interesting conversation they set me on the way to WIlliamsburg via the Colonial Parkway with magnificent coastal scenery all the way.

Miles Today 56
Total so far   56


  1. Successfully on the road, attracting admirers already and made it to the starting line. Enjoying the blog and the pictures hugely. We'd love to see something everyday if you can manage it. Make sure you load up on the waffles and syrup before you really get going. Bonne route. Bill x

  2. Hi Rob, great to see your on your way and already succumbing to American hospitality! Lee Mawson and myself have shared your blog on Facebook, so lots of last years TransAmers will be able to follow your antics.

    Enjoy the ride, you,ve got an amazing trip ahead of you, wish I was doing it again.