Monday, 2 May 2011

Images of Williamsburg


  1. Now I've seen the pics I realise I have been to Williamsburg years ago. Rest up and enjoy the Osama-free celebrations. Or is that only in New York? P.S I've been looking through your blog and have to tell you that your endura leggings are definitely Lycra. I expect you to throw them away immediately!

  2. Hi Robert
    Sorry we didnt get chance to wish you bon voyage before you set off,good luck with the trip .

    The pictures of Williamsburg brng back a lot of memorys as Janet studied there in 1976 at William and Mary college and we saw president Ford campaigning for re election.As it was the 200th anniversary of the declaration of Independence it was not a good thing to be British .

    Everything is Ok here and you shouldn't worry too much about the Nuclear Spillage in Harrogate its confined to the South side of the town.

  3. Have A Great Crossing! (ACA 2010 Trans-Am Leader Jack Pettry)