Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 1 Shakedown Day

Today was the first day of cycling as a group before the long journey ahead. We cycled the relati ely short distance to Yorktown, the official start of the TransAmerica trail where it is customary to dip the rear wheel in the Atlantic ocean. Yorktown if you remember your history is where the American war of independence came to an end after7 years of fighting when the British finally surrendered to General Benjamin Lincoln thanks to a little help from the French!
Today we reenacte the final battle with water bottles and against all odds the outnumbered British forces valiantly defeated the American troops despite their assistance from the Canadians French and Dutch.
But the highlight of today was lunch provided by the lovely people of the Grace episcopal church in Yorktown. Once again another example of this wo derful American hospitality.
Tomorrow we leave the hotel in Williamsburg for Glendale and the camping begins.
Miles today 30
Total            87


  1. Good Luck Charlie! Phil & Sue

  2. Wow rob looks like a fab adventure were following your great blog and photos xxx hadn't realised that you had cycled across Atlantic too!!! Case for your dell phone bought will post soon as it arrives and you can send me a destination address ...
    Kevnickyandmax xxx

  3. colonial girl.7 May 2011 at 19:30

    Glad to see that though out numbered, the Brits had their opportunity to win the battle at Yorktown. Hopefully, you will leave some of the rest of the country you enjoy along the way to the Yanks. Good Journey!