Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 31 Lesterville to Eminence

Despite the promise of a brilliantly entertaining post today don't build your hopes up. I am after all a Yorkshireman and suffering from a mild dose of bloggers block. I think that all my creative juices evaporated in the torrid heat today. As you may have already gathered today was a difficult day. Apart from the seemingly routine issues of the three H's The main problem was the lack of any stopping places for the last 25 miles and VERY STEEP hills all the way. 25 miles may not seem far but iin these conditions it's no joke.
After an early 6AM breakfast most of the group were on the road by 7AM (including the female half of stop and stare) in an attempt to get to camp before the intensity of the afternoon sun and we are talking well in excess of 100F here !
Greg and I saw no reason to change our well established riding plan. So that was that . I had a nice piece of pie at lunchtime and apart from the occasional obnoxious Missouri motorist nothing else to report except that we proudly rode into camp in our usual position of last. Oh not quite correct. Greg bailed 10 miles from the end and rode into town in the back of a pick up truck sipping an ice cool beer. No further comment necessary :) 

Miles today 53
Total         1467

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