Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 33 Eminence to Houston

This trip is definately not for the faint hearted. The truck drivers today have been horrendousf.Too fast and too close. I have fitted a third eye to my helmet and I am closely watching every truck that comes up behind me. I am beginning to wonder if this Trans America route is safe for cyclists given the totally inconsiderate and aggressive driving of far too many vehicle users over here.
I passed an Amish family in tbeir horse and cart and wondered how it must be for them having to put up with this  every day of their lives.
Anyway enough of that. Today's ride through the Ozark mountains was superb with incredible scenery. Dare I say it but even the headwind was refreshing. Everybody chose to take breakfast at 5 30AM (Aaagh) except me who chose to spend an extra hour in the very comfortable double bed that came with the cabins we stayed in last night.
Understandably there is concern about the heat and most of the group do not want to get caught in the afternoon sun and that includes my stop and stare companions. However  it doesn't seem to bother me. I tend to ride well within my comfort zone (slow!) ezpecially uphill, drink loads, and have plenty of stops and it works for me.
Strangely I caught up Ellen and Kelly at 19 miles but instead of chasing them at higb speed down the road I chose to supplement my early one banana breakfast with omelette, hash browns pie and coffee. These are no ordinary women by the way. Kelly was on the American Olympic pursuit cycling development team and Ellen must have come from tbe planet 'Krypton'.
We will shortly be entering Kansas which is going to be even hotter so  unless my riding companions come round to my way of thinking I suspect I will be riding 'tout seule' until we get through this hot spell.

Miles today 53
Total         1520


  1. Did you know that typing Robert Waterhouse into google suggests Journalist, Archaeologist and "Death Row", hopefully you will get cycling on the list by the time you finish...

  2. I have been to Houston many times. Funny though, I always thought it was in Texas.

    Rob, if you are finding it a chore to get up and going in the mornings ....... imagine what it would be like for me !