Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 35 Marshfield to Ashgrove

Breakfast was moved to the more civilised time of 6 30AM today allowing the opportunity of a 1 hour lie in for those that appreciate the beneficial effect of sleep. Our daily weatherman Jack also promised us the comfort of lower tempetatures in the higb eigbties to ease our day. Alas the hills would still be in evidence.
So off we went with Kelly back in the fold , first stop being Mcdonalds 2 minutes down the road where we picked up Cathy, one of the in-betweeners who had chosen to ride with us today.
I cbose to give McD's a miss and had a cunning plan to ride ahead to the 14.6 mile stop and enjoy a longer first break. Unfortunately my slow early morning speed allowed the group to catch me up, thus thwarting my plan.

Today we did not save any turtles, we just rode our bikes in a neat and tidy formation to arrive at our campsite on time. We did however talk to the Amish, and to a local man who showed us a photograph tbat had been blown into his garden by the tornado that devastated Joplin a couple of weeks back. There is also the remote possibility that we may be able to help witb the relief effort at Joplin on our next layover day. We have put our names forward and are waitinv to  hear if we can be of any use.

At the end of the day Greg and I took a detour onto the Frisco Highline trail. A 5 mile add on to our daily mileage but well worth it as being an old railway line it was flat and in the shade.
For this we were deemed to be a superior kind of Adventure Cyclist and presented with a special badge by Ellen.

Miles today 55
Total          1661


  1. You can't fool me. I would recognise the cycle path from Spofforth to Wetherby anywhere! It IS all an elaborate hoax. I knew it all along.

  2. Clare,
    i can assure you, Robert may be a bit of a weiner but he is no liar. After forcing him to have a go at it, our extra miles were well rewarded with beautiful scenery on a quiet path. Well wortb the time. You sbould have been there, as it would certainly have been better company for me.

  3. Greg, are you coming on to me?!! I should tell you that I would only have spoiled the apparent peace and quiet of your detour.