Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Day 34 Houston to Marshfield

Today I succumbed to the  5 30AM breakfast which meant  that we were on our way by 6 30AMq and still last off the campsite.

So we set off in a loose Stop & Stare format, without Kelly, who was on cook duty  today.  Kelly may be a young olympic hopeful, but her navigational skills need some attention, as we heard that she managed to add at least 15 miles to today's already challenging distance of 63 miles by taking several wrong turns.  The Three H's were present in full force, but otherwise we were looking forward to a day of riding on quiet roads through idyllic and lush green pastures, with staring cows (who satisfied Greg's fetish for having mooed conversation with mooing cows) and gently rolling hills.  We were only a few hundred yards down the road before Greg leapt into action to rescue yet another turtle (bringing his Rescued Turtles Count up to 7, matching the number of punctures he has incurred so far on this triP).  Sadly, we have seen many hideously squished dead turtles in Missouri.  Today we also saw several dead armadillos on the road.  Greg felt moved to sing the Armadillo Song (to the tune of "Desperado").

And we all ate pie today, except Ellen who is pied out. 

SIDE NOTE OF IMPORTANCE:  I have several entertaining videos (including footage of the Fig Newton Shuffle, Greg's rendition of American Pie whilst cycling the Mississippi levees, and Ellen discussing slugs), but due to technical problems/ineptitude, I am unable to publish these at the moment.

Miles Today 66
Total         1606


  1. Tell Greg ...... surely it should be "Show me the way to Armadillo".

    And for the turtles there's The Little Turtle Song:

    There was a little turtle
    He lived in a box
    He swam in a puddle
    He climbed upon the rocks
    He snapped at a mosquito
    He snapped at a flea
    He snapped at a minnow
    And he snapped at me
    He caught the mosquito
    He caught the flea
    He caught the minnow
    But he didn't catch me

  2. Ken, I think you have too much time on your hands!

  3. Don't worry about the videos, we're loving our daily dose of Rob's blog anyway. Keep up the good work!
    The Westbrooks