Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 41 Rest day in Newton

On this occasion we had the luxury of 2 nights in a motel. It's so nice to sleep in a proper bed in an air conditioned room. Unfortunately woke up with a slight hangover as a result of 2 margeritas and a beer in a texmex restaurant last night. We get so dehydrated that even a little alcohol takes it's toll. Or I am just a lightweight.
We now have nine days slog across Kansas with no more rest days until Royal Gorge in Colorado. We also hit the half way point of the tour at Pueblo where there is a very good bike shop so  I have very lazily booked the bike in for a clean up and service. I am also swopping my Marathon XR tyres for a pair of 1.25 Pasela Panaracer Tourguards. Desparation measures maybe. They wont be as puncture proof but the better rolling resistance will hopefully make life a little easier.


  1. Lightweight!

  2. Hi darling, little bit concerned about the 2 nights in the motel, any particular reason for booking in there? I don't believe it was just for a comfortable bed!
    Love Chris

  3. Christine

    The idea did cross my mind too but then I thought "Don't be ridiculous, he wouldn't remember what to do!"

  4. The Pasella's will do you proud. Mine got me all the way to Baker city before my first puncture Transam 2010. Reliving the ride through your blog. Love it.. Safe cycling, Lee, Swanage, England