Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 43 Sterling to Lahned

Today it was back to the 6 AM breakfast routine after a night of disrupted sleep in Sterling city park. They take a pride in their parks over here and like to keep the grass green. So they have sprinkler systems programmed to activate at night and usually they are turned off when people are camping. Last night they forgot and about 11 PM  my flyless tent was right in the spray line. So I  jumped out of the tent at lightning speed (but not quick enough) and moved it to what I thought was a safe position only to find that another bank of sprinklers activated to drench my tent again. Eventually a sprinkler safe pitch was found and I drpped off to sleep only to be woken at at 4AM by the noisiest and longest train this side of Clapham Junction. So the last thing I needed today was the 6AM bugle call.

Once on the road today was brilliant. Not too hot, a little bit of rain, only 50 miles but most of all a tail wind that just about blew us all the way to Lahned. Rounded off with a nice piece of pecan pie and ice cream.

Miles today 52
Total 2062

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