Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 44 Lahned to Ness City

Last night we had stormy weather with winds gusting up to 50mph and tbunder and ligbtning so most of us were tucked up in our tents at 8 30 just before the fun started. The local police phoned and told us that we could take refuge in tbe nearby scout hut but I was keen to find out just how good my new tent stood up to the conditions. And it performed admirably with no leaks anywhere. So the MSR Hubba  Hubba Green gets my vote. A great versatile tent.
The notorious Kansas wind has been kind to us so far with tail and side winds and today was no exception.  Its flat as far as the eye can see but there is a certain tranquility about riding across the plains, disturbed only when the huge trucks come thundering past, which they do on a fairly regular basis.
Early morning we stopped by the historical site of Fort Lahned, famous for its Santa Fe trail connections and for lunch I had the best hamburger yet but sadly no pie today.

Miles Today 67
Total          2129

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  1. Buffalo Bikers ...... in the heart of America.