Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 42 - Newton to Sterling (guest blogger Hadley)

After dinner, Rob, Greg and I biked into town and settled in at the local pizza joint.  Rob

whipped out his dorkulator and we started in on a very focused collaborative blog post composition session.  We wrote.  We laughed.  We cried (well, I did anyway - from laughter).  Greg drank at least 5 jumbo refills of pop.  Three hours later, we emerged from the restaurant... the blog post had been written!  It was epic, hilarous and touching. 

The next day, Rob woke up and turned on his dorkulator (in order to post our blog entry) and was dismayed to find that THE BLOG POST HAD MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED!!!  Yes... it was gone.

It's taken us two days to recover from the loss.  Only now am I able to muster up the energy to write a summary of the post.  What follows is a sadly abbreviated version of our masterpiece.  Read it and imagine something much longer and thousands of times wittier & more touching and you will get a sense of what we originally wrote.

1. Rob slept in.
2. Rob caught up with me & Greg 12 miles out of Newton.
3. We sat around ate chips and talked about aliens.  For approximately two hours.
4. We sat around and ate donuts and made plans for a scavenger hunt.  For about one hour.
5. We rode our bikes.
6. We met a really charming and sweet young girl (Paige) who introduced us to her dog Baxter, took me for a bike ride around her neighborhood, and gave us big hugs when we said bye.
7. We met Paige's grandpa, who showed us his red Model A Ford with a chevy 327 small block, aspirated 620 horsepower.  It was a chopped & channeled hot rod that he'd built.  It was a thing of beauty.
8. We rode our bikes some more.  Rob's cycle computer showed that he had pedalled 2000 miles so far on this trip.

And that is that. 

Miles Today 59
Total        2008

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